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Conservation Societies to Support

Here are a few conservation societies and organizations that Jeff Ulin recommends supporting.


Poaching remains a severe problem. The following is a list of articles illustrating the devastating effects of poaching: 

The Lord's Tusks

The Lord's Tusks full cover (7_7).jpg

A New Novel by Jeff Ulin

Coming November 17th,  2022

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Big game hunter Richard Keeton unexpectedly finds himself in line to inherit a British Lordship, but with the family’s wealth in tatters Richard cannot afford the lifestyle commensurate with his pending title. Hell-bent on restoring riches, Richard realizes he can make a fortune poaching animals. With the help of Alijah, a tribesman, he’s soon secretly slaughtering animals and taking kickbacks to build a network smuggling rhino horns and elephant tusks. Richard’s poaching ring comes under threat when Michael Sandburg, an American researcher, starts dating his stepdaughter and becomes suspicious. What will Michael do if he discovers the truth and has to choose between his future family and a newfound mission to protect endangered animals at all costs? Jeffrey Ulin’s thrilling adventure weaves romance and intrigue against the tragedy of driving species toward extinction.


Read it now and be transported to colonial-tinged polo fields
belying the savagery of men willing to butcher majestic animals in their lust for money and privilege.

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