The Lord's Tusks

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Photo captured by Jeff Ulin while volunteering with a unit capturing endangered rhinos and moving them to sanctuary areas.

A New Novel by Jeff Ulin

Coming November 17th,  2022

Big game hunter Richard Keeton unexpectedly finds himself in line to inherit a British Lordship, but with the family’s wealth in tatters Richard cannot afford the lifestyle commensurate with
his pending title. Hell-bent on restoring riches, Richard realizes he can make a fortune poaching animals. Richard plucks a tribesman (Alijah) from his dung-hut village and through bribes places Alijah high in Kenya’s wildlife ministry. Soon they’re secretly slaughtering animals and taking kickbacks to build a network smuggling rhino horns and elephant tusks. Richard’s poaching ring comes under threat, though, when an American researcher (Michael) starts dating Richard’s stepdaughter and teams with a local warden to mete out vigilante justice. Just when Michael discovers the truth about Richard, a coup lands Richard in jail where he fears for his life—poaching charges making him the perfect scapegoat. Should Michael seal Richard’s fate or aid his new finance’s family, rescuing the very man he swore to take down? Jeff Ulin’s thrilling adventure weaves romance and intrigue against the tragedy of endangering species.


Read it now and be transported to colonial-tinged polo fields belying the savagery of men willing to butcher majestic animals in their lust for money and privilege.

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In addition to writing fiction, Jeff is the author of 'The Business of Media Distribution.'