I have been fortunate to be involved in many film and TV productions, in some cases on the legal side and in others as a creator or on the producing side. Among the television properties where I served as an Executive Producer are the animated series Higglytown Heroes (which I co-created, and was for a period the top show on Disney’s Playhouse Disney) and Poochini (an international co-production), as well as live action series Battleground Afghanistan (primetime documentary series for National Geographic).

Higglytown Heroes

2004 - 2008

I developed the concept for Higglytown Heroes, and wrote the initial treatment,  thinking about  the cultural shift to view policeman and firefighters as true heroes after the tragedy of 9/11.  The series ran from 2004-2008, and for a period led Disney’s pre-school block.



2000 - 2003

Poochini was Wild Brain’s first original series, and played on global broadcast networks.


Hubert’s Brain


Hubert’s Brain was a CG short film which won numerous awards, including the Annie Award for best animated short.


Battleground Afghanistan


Battleground Afghanistan debuted in primetime (9:00 pm) in July, 2013 and chronicles the US Marine’s Golf Company in Helmond Provice and Camp Leatherneck in Afghanistan, providing a unique glimpse into the challenges of the war


Various Commercials 

Various Dates