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Business of Media Distribution 3rd edition


In this updated edition of the industry staple, veteran media executive Jeff Ulin relates business theory and practice across key global market segments—film, television, and online/digital—providing you with an insider’s perspective that can't be found anywhere else. Learn how an idea moves from concept to profit and how distribution dominates the bottom line: Hollywood stars may make the headlines, but marketing and distribution are the behind-the-scenes drivers converting content into cash.

The third edition:

  • Includes perspectives from key industry executives at studios, networks, agencies and online leaders, including Fox, Paramount, Lucasfilm, Endeavor, Tencent, MPAA, YouTube, Hulu, and many more;

  • Explores the explosive growth of the Chinese market, including box office trends, participation in financing Hollywood feature films, and the surge in online usage;

  • Illustrates how online streaming leaders like Netflix, Amazon, Apple, YouTube, Hulu and Facebook are changing the way TV content is distributed and consumed, and in cases how these services are moving into theatrical markets;

  • Analyzes online influences and disruption throughout the distribution chain, and explains the risks and impact stemming from changing access points (e.g., stand-alone apps), delivery methods (over-the-top) and consumption patterns (e.g., binge watching);  

  • Breaks down historical film windows, the economic drivers behind them, and how online and digital delivery applications are changing the landscape.

Ulin provides the virtual apprenticeship you need to demystify and manage the complicated media markets, understand how digital distribution has impacted the ecosystem, and glimpse into the future of how film and television content will be financed, distributed and watched.  An online e-Resource contains further discussion on topics presented in the book.

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Business of Media Distribution 2nd edition



Business of Media Distribution 1st edition


“Anyone who wants to know more about how films and TV shows are distributed and exploited can learn a huge amount from this book.”

Jim Morris: President of Pixar Animation Studios; Former President Industrial Light & Magic, Producer Wall•E.

(The Business of Media Distribution)

“Ulin expertly depicts the fluid nature of content creation and distribution in a concise and understandable way. There’s never been a better insider’s look at the choices and challenges that studio executives face every day.”

Gary Marenzi: Head of Entertainment Sales & Partnerships, Endeavor Content; former President MGM Worldwide Television, former President Paramount International Television

"The Business of Media Distribution is often referred to as ‘The Bible’ among distribution executives, and for good reason.”

Ted Russell: (Former) Executive VP, Business Affairs; Digital, Home Entertainment & Television Distribution, 20th Century Fox Film

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